About Us

Mid Atlantic remodeling company Maryland

Our Approach

From meetings, to insurance quotes, to the final ladder being removed, Mid-Atlantic was built on trust with our customers.  Our great Facebook reviews from actual customers tell the tale and we try to evolve our customer service to fit the needs of every client or home owner.  We are always available to talk and can answer any questions you may have before the process even begins.

Our Story

When two eager college grads from Baltimore Maryland, Patrick Martin and Mike Schmidt, embarked on this adventure, their number one goal was to end the headache for the client or home owner.   Having backgrounds in business helped elevate the company’s status quickly in the Baltimore area.  Being true to their original goals have allowed them to maintain a hands on, customer is always right approach to doing business.

How we can help you

Whether it is insurance, time to update, or anything in between we will make sure that our professional team takes care of you and your needs from start to finish.  and we look forward to helping you find your new roof!